Welcome to American Contemporary Art

AmericanContemporary.art is a brand-new online platform where you can buy some amazing American contemporary art pieces from some of the most exciting American contemporary artists around the US. Our advanced platform allows you to explore and inspect the contemporary artwork in great detail with the Superzoom function. On our site, you can buy American contemporary art with confidence, directly from the comfort of your home.

American Contemporary Art was founded and run by Mark David Hatwood FRSA, who has 40 years of experience in the arts. Hatwood also runs a multi-award-winning contemporary art gallery in the UK, which has seen a growth of 500% over its four successful years alone.

The mission of American Contemporary art, (much like its sister gallery, BritishContemporary.art), is to provide a simple, easy and secure way of buying contemporary artwork including paintings and sculptures online in the US.

Curated Range of American Contemporary Artists

At American Contemporary Art, you can discover artwork from some of the most exciting and established US-based contemporary artists as each artist has been hand-picked by our experienced gallery director. Representing a range of brilliant contemporary American artists, you can find the perfect pieces for your space.

With our  Room View mock-ups you can even inspect the artwork in your home, virtually before you purchase. We truly cover all bases and make buying art as safe and easy as from a traditional gallery, with added benefits.

Exceptional Service & Free Room Views

With our 7-day returns policy, you can shop with confidence. We take great pride in our service and ensure that your process of purchasing pieces from our online American contemporary art gallery is enjoyable and personalized.

If you need any guidance, please email mark@americancontemporary.art and let us help you get started. Whether you’re a seasoned collector of American contemporary art or a first-time buyer, we offer Contribution Buying and  Staged Payments to ease the payment burdens. We hope you enjoy discovering our ever-growing collection of exquisite American Contemporary artists!

AmericanContemporary.Art: We find the Artists, You choose the art! 




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