Georgette Osserman

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Georgette Osserman was born and raised in Manhattan, New York in 1950.

She created her own style which combined the action painters of the 1950s, like Jackson Pollock, with colorists, like Milton Avery. She graduated with honors from South Hampton College with a Batchelors degree in psychology, where she also studied sculpture under Peter Lipman Wolf, whose work was featured in the MOMA garden for years.

In 1983, after a successful career in fashion, she resumed her passion for the arts and went to the San Francisco Art Institute on their Graduate program and attended both the San Francisco Art institute and later the California College of the Arts. There she studied with Christopher Brown and also with Wayne Thiebaud at UC Davis.

Georgette has taught throughout the US for the past 25 years and was recently a guest instructor at the Marin’s Drake and Redwood High School advanced placement art, creating a workshop for their art teachers. She has also curated and judged competitions like the prestigious Sausalito Art Festival and The Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival.

Georgette’s work was chosen for the cover of one of Nina Simone’s albums. It was the only time in Simone’s career she chose a painting.

Georgette continues to work and exhibit in and around California as well as in galleries across the country and we’re delighted to have her here alongside ACA’s superb stable of artists.



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